Frisco Independent School District FISD
Zoning and Boundary Changes

Frisco ISD Website Region 10, located in Collin County TX, evolves and grows with the city of Frisco, TX.

Understanding Changes In Frisco School District Boundaries

The Frisco Independent School District grows and changes in unison with the new home construction growth of the City of Frisco Texas and surrounding communities. New schools are built annually and zone boundaries are modified accordingly.

Always check with the Frisco Independent School District to determine current boundaries or you may make incorrect assumptions.

Here is an example, dated November, 2007, found on the FISD website:

In preparation for opening four new schools next year, Frisco Independent School District proposed plans for changes in 2008-2009 attendance boundaries at its November Frisco Independent School District regular meeting of the Board.

Frisco Independent School District Superintendent of Schools Rick Reedy reviewed the principles that guide the zoning decisions each year. Those are effective space utilization, stability of students, proximity to campus, maintaining diversity and unity of the community. When looking at potential zones, he also stated that lines are drawn in such a way that they will hold for the longest period of time possible.

With the opening of Frisco Independent School District Elliott Elementary next year in Brookstone, relief will be given to Ogle and also Isbell Elementary. The linked map indicates the proposed zones.

The opening of Frisco Independent School District Tadlock Elementary will relieve Sem Elementary. When the decision was made to open Tadlock in 2008, the projected enrollment in the area was quite a bit higher. FISD now allows elementary schools to reach 860 in enrollment before opening a new school to provide relief. The map shows the zones, with Hillcrest as the dividing street.

Frisco Independent School District Smith Elementary zone is continuing to experience increased enrollment. It is being proposed to move Plantation Villa (The Marquee) apartments back to Curtsinger, which has more room at this time. The complex was in Curtsinger originally and moved to Smith due to capacity issues at Curtsinger a few years ago. This move would place those students at Wester instead of Clark for middle school.

Frisco Independent School District Stafford Middle School is opening to provide relief for Griffin Middle School. The map shows ElDorado as the basic dividing line, with Marina Vista going to Stafford, as well.

Frisco Independent School District Scoggins Middle School is opening to provide relief for Roach Middle School. The map shows Ogle, Elliott and Isbell attending Scoggins Middle School and Ashley, Mooneyham, Sem and Tadlock attending Roach. Additional middle schools will probably be needed in 2010.

Dennis Brent, the Frisco Independent School District internal demographer, will be taking input on the proposed zones. He can be contacted at A public hearing on the proposed zones will take place at the December 10 regular meeting of the Board, with a final decision to be made in January.

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